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Ryan aka B1TTER_A55A551N
  • Male
  • Stillwater, OK
  • United States
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on Thursday
k... well, since my name was put in by bluu i guess i'll have to swallow any shred of humility i have left and recant my best male vote for cash and nominate... myself. sigh... i know i know... horrible right? eh... it's cool. (shamefully shakes hea…
August 14
Male:E-Cash (I always see this dude lurking about. It's undeniable. Whether here, or on Home, Cash tends to show up.) Female: I'm going with Cynella or Diana Paola Borgia (Cynella due to her dedication to Homestyle Magazine and DPB due to her invol…
August 11
August 5
Gah, Dej, you crack me up.
July 27
Lol... Someone's been reading.
July 27
July 26
I say, give home something more to interact with with other avatars rather than emoting in text using our vivid imaginations. Its why Home is going to stay the way it is no matter the space. People aren't going to stay in a space and to pretend to b…
July 25
LOL Nos where tha heck do you come up with this stuff! Wardrobe = Nightmare... it keeps me from changing... which in turn keeps me from purchasing more junk... it shouldn't take a half hour or more to put together a nice outfit... delete button ple…
July 25
July 25
Let's have a community bonfire and torch all the stuff we don't want. That'd be fun. Keep your StayPuff marshmallow heads clear.
July 25
July 25
July 25
July 25
All my blogs I write on here end with, 'Hug a Noob'. Huh, Crazy.
July 24
Hugging Noobz is what I do, that and dropkicking Pervz.
July 24

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Modern Warfare2, Skate2, Rainbow Six Vegas2, Assassin's Creed2 (Noticing a trend here?) and Little Big Planet
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I'm a musician and an artist who absolutely loves meeting people online and cutting up with friends. I love to joke around and learn more about others while spiking interest. As for a competent friend, I try my best. If you want another member of some holier than thou online militia, you're lookin' at the wrong guy. I just want to have some frickin' fun!

I'm right 97% of the time. The other 4% doesn't matter.

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Ryan aka B1TTER_A55A551N


Well, I was recently given a request by some friends that I should write a blog about the Godfather 2 space on Home. I sighed heavily in contemplation and begrudgingly agreed to take on the endeavor. Finally, after a week and a half had passed, I dragged my procrastinating, arduous anus up out of my comfort zone and hit this suckhole of an area.

If you are new to Home, you may be wondering why I'm carrying on this way, why I'm trying to convey the absolute, undeniable truth that some sp… Continue

Posted on July 22, 2010 at 1:45pm — 11 Comments

Ryan aka B1TTER_A55A551N

Central Plaza: The Place Where Psychos Can High Five Viking Ninjas with Their Pelvises and Still Call it Normal

So I've been venturing Central Plaza again just to see how the air is there, to see if all the new people and the atmospheric shift has brought about different personalities rather than the same ole same ole. You know what I'm talking about. I'm referring to Johnnie_McTard and his pack of skirt chasing short bus kids. Unfortunately the harassment hasn't changed much, but I did see some things that did make me smile. Shall I make a list for you to relive the momenContinue

Posted on July 12, 2010 at 8:30pm — 4 Comments

Ryan aka B1TTER_A55A551N

Friendship is only fleeting if you are the one wearing running shoes

Hello all. It has been awhile, and I have honestly missed digging in the dirt with all of you. I sincerely hope to hear from anyone who finds interest in what I am about to discuss, be it you agree or you all out loathe it. Either way, we're talking, and I'm gaining yet again a better grasp on the way everyone thinks. Okay, with all the greetings and the preparation made let's effin' kick this off! Wink. (Unlocks the lyrical gun safe. Pulls out the mouth cannon. Lights the fuse. Smiles.)

Posted on June 14, 2010 at 10:09pm — 1 Comment

Ryan aka B1TTER_A55A551N

Wow,and exactly who gave you the right to pee on my cornflakes?

Carrot Top, if you're on here, I hate you. Take your second rate gadget gags and your botoxed, face lifted, strawberry mop of a head and go slam it into the backside of Gabriel Iglesias, cuz I'm pretty sure that that funny fella has hemorrhoids with better jokes than you.

Ellen, I almost laughed at you the other day, but it wasn't because of something you said. It was because my baby pressed the mute button and my wife thought she'd miss something you said... like anythin

Posted on March 11, 2010 at 5:40pm — 1 Comment

Ryan aka B1TTER_A55A551N

Club Convert: Why my Opinion has Changed

Hello, friends of this digital era, or maybe I should just condense it down to Sup my Homies. It is always good to jot down some of my thoughts on here. It helps me feel like you just may understand where I am mentally at this time.

For those of you who have known me for a long time, you know that there was a time that I felt that staying in clubs on Playstation Home at all times was a poor choice since it separated we, seasoned Home users, from the majority of the new Home users that are const… Continue

Posted on January 31, 2010 at 2:16pm — 6 Comments

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At 2:26pm on August 19, 2010, Gun_N_4Fun said…

August 15th, 2010 - Surrender, Part 3: "To Be Used By God" from Waters Edge Church on Vimeo.

At 7:54pm on July 25, 2010, autumn whatev gave Ryan aka B1TTER_A55A551N a gift
At 11:28am on July 25, 2010, autumn whatev said…
no problem cool page btw =)
At 12:31am on July 25, 2010, autumn whatev said…
I read your recent blog,funny stuff =D
At 11:37am on July 24, 2010, Reno said…
YO! Ryan !! wuz gud mayne it's been along time ma friend I like the blog on godfather 2 space lol ... same ol Ryan ... I love it
At 3:43pm on July 23, 2010, MEEE said…
you have an awesome vocabulary!!
At 6:37am on July 23, 2010, darkan12-nl/eve♥KnC said…
friendship Pictures, Images and Photos
At 8:44am on July 15, 2010, GraySky44 said…

At 1:24am on July 13, 2010, GraySky44 said…

At 1:18am on July 13, 2010, GraySky44 said…
LOL damn and i thought I deleted that song!!!!
Come back to the sky bar sometime so I can kick ur azz in pool then we can see whos chain swings low!!! LOL

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