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PSHT Reward Points

Rankings are based on a variety of criteria:
  • 50 points - For each blog posts, photo, and/or video featured on the site. Only blog posts relating to PS Home that are well written and contain more than 5 sentences will be considered. Photos and videos must be PS Home related and be of decent quality for our viewing pleasure.
  • 25 points - Creating a blog post
  • 25 points - Creating a forum discussion
  • 20 points - Posting a comment on someone's page, blog, photo, video, & etc.
  • 20 points - Commenting on a forum
  • 15 points - Creating and/or RSVP to attend an event
  • 10 points - Creating a Club on PSHT
  • 10 points - Joining a Club on PSHT
  • 5 points - For each photo and video posted to PSHT
  • 5 points - Inviting someone to PSHT via the invite tool
  • 5 points - Becoming a member of PSHT
Members will have the opportunity to be awarded additional points for the following activities:
  • 200 points - For each dollar donated to PSHT via the Support the PSHT ChipIn box on the right-hand side. (Notify Ra-Ausar when you've made your donation and the amount donated. )
  • 20 points - Refer a new member that joins PSHT. The new member must include your Profile name in the Referred by section of their profile page. (To redeem points for members already referred send a request to one of the Site Admins).
  • 15 points - Using the PSHT Site Banner(s) and/or PSHT badge on each external forum sites, blogs, or other sites like MySpace or FaceBook. (Send a request to a Site Admin to redeem points and show proof of having either the badge or PSHT banner on the other site(s).)
Many of you may be wondering what these points/ranks will be used for. Well, for starters points/rank will be used to determine eligibility for certain contests and prizes as well as determine who will be listed as featured members of the site. In the near future, we plan to use points as a virtual currency to purchase items on PSHT. For instance, individuals who reached the rank of Big Slick or higher will have the opportunity to trade in their points for a $20 PSN promo code and individuals with the rank of High Roller or higher can trade in their points for a $50 PSN promo code. More to follow about this in the coming months. One last note, anyone caught attempting to abuse the system to gain points/rank, run the risk of being banned from PSHT.



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