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I got an email today saying yes MODS are every where in Home even in your apartment. So Home is The Trueman Show

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lol yep so big brother is everywhere.

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They are invisible but some will reveal there selfs to remind u but ya they are in ur apartment to.

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...that explains the strange russling I hear whenever I change...

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So that's who eats all the hot pockets and cookie dough ice cream.

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lol....too funny

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This is why i dont get on HOME much. For them to be able to ban or suspend us for what we do in our private spaces is uncalled for.

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At least they've stopped running off with all my furniture!

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creepy..... I wanna be a MOD now.

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no yokel mods sorry lindsay

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yokel mods ftw

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Oh noz teh "lesbians" will be so disappointed they cant cyber no mo

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